Metaphysical Research Society

2nd Thursday of month, 7:30 pm
Center for Spiritual Living, 33rd & Regal, Spokane, WA
PO Box 4061, Spokane WA 99220
PUBLIC INVITED.    509-838-8155
Membership $25 per year, first visit FREE
Or $5.00 each meeting


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The Metaphysical Research Society is about all forms of
Metaphysical enlightenment and sharing this with the public.

OM Symbol is the oldest symbol in the world. It is the name of God in symbol form.

Numerology is the art of using numbers to find out your past and future.
Chakras in the body are different colors & designs and have different vibrations for the area they are in. They are associated with different parts of the body.
Reiki is a movement of energy in the body by symbols and hand placement.
Astrology is the place, time & date of your birth to find out the planetary alignments for what is going on in your life.
Mandalas are symbols that can help and give you insight into many things. Some mandalas have been around for hundreds of years and carry energy.
I Ching is the tossing of coins to answer questions about your life.
Tarot is the reading of tarot cards that you draw from a pack of cards to answer questions.
Runes are the reading of the stones that you throw to answer questions.


2014 Board Members

PRESIDENT Jerry Collins 509-714-3868
V PRESIDENT LuAnn Stallcop 509-499-1901
SECRETARY Janice Wade 509-922-3874
TREASURER Anya Carlson 
BOARD MEMBER Carol Cunningham 509-456-3784
BOARD MEMBER Debbie Majewski 509-535-7101
BOARD MEMBER Steve Jensen   sjanzen@webband,com



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